A L'il Woodzeez and Sylvanian Families Comparison

A Comparison between L'il Woodzeez Families and Sylvanian Families
Can I use my L'il Woodzeez with Sylvanian Families items? Then, read on...

The Woofwinkle Dog Family of Dalmatians

Scamperscoot Chipmunk Family and everybody's favourite Whooswhoo Owl Family


Here, at Sylvanian Specialty Store we've added a new line to our ever growing list of products, and diversified into L'il Woodzeez Families, Play sets and Mini Rooms, introducing to Australia some of the latest arrivals to Honeysuckle Hollow. We think of them as the well-rounded cousins of the Sylvanians.
Those unfamiliar with L'il Woodzeez often ask the question, " Are L'il Woodzeez and Sylvanian Families interchangeable for play? Can L'il Woodzeez fit Sylvanian Families furniture and vehicles and vice versa?"
As you may notice, the L'il Woodzeez have a much rounder, rotund figure that the Sylvanian Families figures. Their height is very similar, but waist size could be up to double the size of a Sylvanian figure's waist. Hence, the general consensus is, L'il Woodzeez would have some trouble fitting into some Sylvanian Families furniture items and vehicles, however Sylvanian Families figures would fit into the L'il Woodzeez furniture and vehicles with ease. 
Sylvanian Families have been around for over 30 years, initiating in Japan in 1985 by the gaming company, Epoch, and soon became a worldwide phenomenon. By comparison, L'il Woodzeez are a relatively new addition to the toy market,  made by Battat and introduced in 2010.
There's often a debate over which is cuter - The Sylvanian Figures or the L'il Woodzeez?  For many it's Sylvanian Families all the way, perhaps as they have been around for many years more and it's a brand we are familiar with. However L'il Woodzeez definitely have their own appeal too, and for many it's the comic, cheerful, caricature-type face and round figures that hold the most appeal. Some consider L'il Woodzeez a more gender-neutral toy, with greater appeal to both boys and girls.
I've read comments to the effect that Sylvanian Figures are better quality than L'il Woodeez, and it is true, the Sylvanian Families clothing is generally more detailed, with more removeable items of clothing.  The L'il Woodzeez clothing is often a one-piece with features sewn onto the garment.  Other L'il Woodzeez collector's have disagreed, and say they find that L'il Woodzeez are great quality. As one Mum says, "My daughter has played with her L'il Woodzeez every day for the past two years. Certainly, she is careful with them and doesn't allow her little brother near them, and in spite of daily play their flocking is as good today as when we purchased them."
L'il Woodzeez Play Sets are a great way to complete a family. Families usually boast a Mum and Dad, bigger sister or brother and a baby. A play set, which comes with themed accessories, such as a Music room play set, usually comes with a child sized L'il Woodzeez figure, either boy or girl, depending on the play set.
We have a great range of some of the newest play sets out and hope to stock the adorable Lemonade Stand Play set with Girl Rabbit in the near future.
Play set accessories are ideal for use with Sylvanian Families also. Accessories from both brands are interchangeable.
We also stock L'il Woodzeez mini rooms, such as the Nursery Room, the Flower Shop and the Icecream Parlour.
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  • I’m from the States, so my kids grew up with L’il Woodzeez, however I love them as a stand alone figure they’ll never replace or even come close to Sylvanian Families (we call them Calico Critters in the USA) in my opinion. But that’s my opinion only :)

    Darla Amonson

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