Layby your Sylvanian Families for Christmas

Sylvanian FAmilies put on layby
It's about the perfect time of year to start layby-ing those Sylvanian Families items you have been eyeing for Christmas.
Does Sylvanian Families Specialty Store have Layby?
Yes, we do. Just look for the Put it on Layby button at checkout.
Sylvanian Famlies Shopping for Christmas gifts

Flexible Layby terms - How does it work?

The intial immediate payment is 20% of the purchase.
Thereafter an automatic Layby payment is set up for you, which will automatically come out of your paypal account at the end of every month.
Its flexible! Meaning you choose how many months you would like to pay it off in.
If you would like to complete payments earlier - no problem. Just ask, and we can arrange a manual payment for you. 
If you would like to lengthen or shorten the time you have chosen to pay it, then just let us know too, and we can arrange that.
Sylvanian Families Shopping online for Christmas was layby

Why is Layby at great option?

Often in our store there are one-off items in our Treasure Trove, or hard to find items that we may only have one of in stock. You can Layby it now, so that you don't miss out. 

If you see special items you would love (for yourself, or a loved one for Christmas) then you can Layby it and pay it off in smaller increments, instead of a lump sum now.

When is my parcel sent?
Once the Layby payment is complete, then we contact you and arrange to send the parcel. If you want to add anything else into the parcel at the time to save on postage, yes, you're welcome to as well. It can all be delivered together.
Sylvanian Families christmas delivery
Layby helps save on postage
We charge a flat rate of $9.90 per parcel in our store, but orders over $200 are free postage. If you Layby your order and it's over $200, then it's free postage


Sylvanian FAmilies Christmas shopping online


Sylvanian Families Freya Rabbit goes shopping
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  • Do we have to write our Christmas wish list in French? Tres adorable!


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