Miniatures for Sylvanian Families Market stalls

Sylvanian Families at Market Stalls
Making a Sylvanian Families Market Stall is one of my favourite ways to set up Sylvanian Families
Miniature food accessory items dollshouse
Maybe that explains why I simply couldn't resist ordering in several Market Stall accessories. 
Miniature dollshouse garden tree flower pot plant accessories
Here they are set up in a Sylvanian Families market scene. 
Creates of Vegetables and Flowers in pots are found in our Garden, Trees and Flowers miniatures collection
Miniature dollshouse vegetables in crates
(These are the miniatures I've kept for myself and for photography - yours will be brand new in the packet)
Here's Mrs Walnut's Lolly stall at the market. Lollies in jars are available by selection in our Miniature Food Accessories collection.
Sylvanian Families Walnut Squirrel market stall scene diorama miniature
I'll share a few more scenes below. There is so much scope for imagination!
Dollshouse miniature additions food house shop stores accessories
"One crate of fresh carrots, please!"
Sylvanian FAmlies Horse at market day
" Fresh flowers! Fresh vegetables! Home grown!"
Sylvanian FAmlies vegetable market
"Hmmm, I think this one should have won the prize... it is mine, afterall!"
Sylvanian FAmilies prize cake at show day
"I didn't know there were so many shades of pink!"
Sylvanian Families flower stand market day
There's nothing you won't find at Mr Trunk's Jumble Sale. What would
you buy?
Sylvanian FAmilies busy market day scene
Sylvanian Families village market stalls
We also stock an amazing selection of dollshouse miniature cakes, just the right size for a Sylvanian Families scene
Sylvanian Families enjoying mini cakes
Please note that our Dollshouse miniature items are not intended to be toys
(Not suitable for children)
These are recommended as accessories for adult collector's


  • Thanks Annie. I love creating them too. It certainly helps to have an abundance of miniature items to add. Usually the saying is “less is more”, but I personally feel “more is more” when it comes to Sylvanian scenes. I like to layer the scene with lots of little happenings in the background, even if the photo isn’t about them, as in real life there is always something happening in the background. Even if it’s just the edge of someone’s walking past, or a branch of a tree in the background, it all adds realism, as this is what you see in real life. I guess the trick is to make it multi dimensional, rather than just putting the things you want to photograph in the scene.

    Sylvanian Specialty Store
  • I am in love with the detail you put into these pictures! How do you do it?

  • Well done on achieving such a realistic miniature scene. The additional miniature really make it

    Hannah Bodie
  • So colourful and happy looking. Makes me feel like wanting to shrink down to Sylvanian size and visit their amazing little market. Browsing there looks like fun.

  • Thanks for the lovely feedback, Petra. We love creating the scenes. Lots of fun to be had and so much scope. All the best with yours, and most welcome to send pictures if you feel inclined as it’s always inspiring to see others set ups too :)

    Sylvanian Specialty Store

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