The Sylvanian Families Christmas Bus

Christmas is coming.... And so is the Sylvanian Christmas Bus!
No, this is not the latest Sylvanian Families Limited Edition Christmas set to arrive. We're kind of wishing it was, though, and how amazing if it was!
Rachel from UK, has cleverly customised this preloved Kindergarten Bus and turned it into a festive village Christmas vehicle!


Sylvanian Families Christmas bus

Rachel enjoys finding secondhand Sylvanian Families items that need a little love and care and customising them. We featured some of her Sylvanian makeovers recently in an article, which you can read here


Sylvanian Chrsitmas bus


The orginal bus was the 2011 release Kindergarten Bus

Quite a festive transformation.

A little paint and careful artwork and lots of minute details

Sylvanian Bus delivering Christmas trees

Where the inbuilt bus trampoline once filled this place, Rachel has cleverly repurposed this area to be the Christmas tree storage space.

Sylvanian Families Christmas gift wrapping paper


Even a gift wrapping station (above and below) 

Don't you love the tiny rolls of gift wrapping paper and Rachel's ribbon roll holder!

Sylvanian Families Christmas gift wrapping service

Nothing overlooked. Here we are, all ready to go and help the Sylvanians sort their Christmas gifts.

Sylvanian FAmilies Christmas bus converted

 Ho ho ho! All stocked up and ready to go!

Sylvanian FAmilies Christmas bus in village


Even a miniature postbox for Santa letters. No detail is forgotten.

Sylvanian Families Christmas gift stall

Thankyou again, Rachel, for allowing us to share you wonderful creations.
We'll be waiting to see what you create next!
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  • This is amazing work, Rachel. Such creative ideas and never thought of painting items before. I might have a go

    Lois Kerr
  • This is so clever

    Deedee McDowell
  • If anyone has any questions about paints, methods etc please feel free to ask.

  • Our pleasure, Rachel and I’m sure it will delight so many Sylvanian fans who read this and are inspired by your creative efforts. Thankyou for allowing us to share this!

    Sylvanian Families Specialty Store
  • Wow! I’m so proud to have a whole article just about my work. And such lovely words too. Thank you so much.


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