Sylvanian Families Baby Band Series Blind Bag - SELECT YOUR OWN

Sylvanian Families Baby Band Series Blind Bag - SELECT YOUR OWN

Sylvanian Families

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Baby Band Series Blind Bags - Mystery Packs [Series 1] -There are 8 to collect

SELECT YOUR OWN from the drop down box below. 

You will receive 1 x Baby Band member as per your choice

Please note, only 1 of each selection per customer.

(In the interest of fairness to all who are trying to collect the full set,

we cannot fulfil orders where

more than one of a single specific baby band set is selected)Sylvanian Families Baby Blind Bags select your own

A little about Sylvanian Families Baby Blind Bags 

Blind Bags, or Mystery Packs, as they are also known, contain a secret Sylvanian baby and a miniature musical instrument. These mystery bags come sealed, and it is impossible to tell which item is inside. 

But we've made it easy for you! Select your own below. 

Please note that these are brand new mystery bags, however for the purpose of finding out which each bag contains, the bag has been opened at the bottom and resealed with tape (as there is no other way to determine which baby band set it contains)

1.    Crème Chocolate with violin
2.    Ambrose Walnut with tambourine
3.    Jason Osborne with cymbals
4.    Henry Periwinkle with bass drum
5.    Olive Marlowe with piano
6.    Milo Cakebread with accordion
7.    Daisy Maple with trumpet
8.    Poppy Fenton with xylophone

The gorgeous miniature instruments in these sets have been specially designed so that your baby figures can hold them.

Sylvanian Families Band Series Blind Bag opened and resealed


Suitable for age 3+

Sylvanian Families Baby Band Blind bags

And if you would rather receive a Mystery pack....

or Buy all 8 - see here

If you prefer a little more "surprise", then you can also purchase the Sylvanian Families Baby Band blind bags unopened here (where you will receive one sealed, random Baby Band figure and instrument from 8 available)

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