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L'il Woodzeez

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L'il Woodzeez Ducks - NEW ARRIVAL IN STORE

The Quickquack Duck Family  with Storybook

A family of 4 characters: father Quincy, mother Cappy and children Kelly and Kenny. "Round-the-Pond Boat Tours" storybook featuring the Quickquacks

"Round-the-Pond Boat Tours"—Storybook Summary

It’s almost opening day for the Quickquack duck family’s Round-the-Pond Boat Tours! Cappy and Quincy and their kids, Kelly and Kenny, can’t wait for their woodland friends to join them. But then they learn that the cat kids don’t want to come along.

Kelly and Kenny are sure the pair would enjoy the cruise around Honeysuckle Hollow Pond if only they’d give it a try. But how can they convince them to hop aboard? Kelly and Kenny take the cat kids on a different kind of tour, which just might change their minds..

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3 years and up