Sylvanian Families Cream Cat and Cake set - RARE

Sylvanian Families Japanese edition

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Sylvanian Families Cream Cat and Cake Shop accessories - RARE - D6-05 Japan

Limited Edition set and Rare

This beautiful little set bring you one Cream cat sister with her cake accessories.

This limited edition set in Japan is referred to as the 'Sylvanian Day Item' released in Spring of each year. Includes the lovely Cream Cat Sister and half a dozen of tasty sweets and deserts.

Contents of this set:

  • Cream Cat Sister In a Pink Polka Dot Dress
  • Eight Assorted Pastries & Deserts
  • Heart Shape Birthday Cake

Released as limited edition in Japan around 2006.

Suitable for Age 3+

Comes in Sylvanian Families Japanese Epoch packaging.

Please note: There is no furniture included in this set, although the items seen in the box are displayed on a pretty cardboard table-like stand.  This is only part of the packaging. 

Condition: Brand new

Box: Very good condition. There may be very slight wear on some edges of the cardboard.