Dollhouse Miniature items - 1:12 scale

Our selection of Dollhouse Miniature accessories is growing into one of Australia's widest-range and variety of online Dollhouse Miniatures.

We source our miniature items from as far away as UK, USA, Thailand and Germany, and also stock handmade items from various Australian miniaturists.

We'll soon be adding a Modern Dollhouse Accessories collection too.

Use the quick links below to find the accessories you are looking for or simply scroll through this collection to see all Dollhouse miniatures in store.

How to purchase? Click on the item you are interested in and when it opens you will see an ADD TO CART button. Postage is $9.90 for any size parcel to anywhere in Australia and free postage for orders over $200.

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New Arrival! Coffee time Miniatures!

 Please note: Dollshouse miniature items (where specified) are not designed as toys for children. These are designed as adult collector's items

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