Corral fence


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Collecta Corral Fence

A Sylvanian Families scene definitely needs a fence, doesn't it? Well, look no further. This Collect branded Corral fence would look perfect in any Sylvanian Families set up, on the play table, on the floor. Whether you need a fence for your Sylvanian cottage garden or maybe a fence for safety at the Sylvanian Country Treehouse School this would be a great addition. 

Dimensions of the fence: Dimensions: 52cm long x 5cm high, approx.

The fence is made up of 5 panels, each measuring approximate 10.5 cm in length and 5 cm in height. The panels are fixed and do not come apart. 

For a larger farmyard circle buy two fences, which can be placed together. If requiring a fence as a front yard for a Sylvanian cottage, you would likely need two fences. See our images of scenes that we have specially set up to give an idea of how this item can work with your Sylvanian Families sets.

Colour: cream colour

Tip: If you prefer a different colour, it would be possible to paint these fences using acrylic paint. 

Collecta brand item. See our other Collecta brand items in store, which work perfectly in your display or play scenes. 

Sylvanian Families figures in images used to demonstrate this product are not part of this sale and are not for sale.

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