Schleich Fern and gerbil SC 42323

Schleich Fern with Gerbil

Schleich brand

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Schleich Fern plant with Gerbil - SC 42323

This Schleich branded fern with gerbil is a great size to be used in settings alongside Sylvanian Families. Add this Fern to your Sylvanian gardens, schoolyards or playgrounds for some extra greenery. The Gerbil is a cute addition too. 


1 x Schleich fern (comes in 3 parts which are pieced together)

1 x gerbil

Some information about this set:

Gerbils live in dry clay and sand deserts, steppes, and mountains. They originally come from the highlands in the heart of Mongolia. They only have a few enemies, but have to struggle with harsh living conditions. In their native country, it can get as cold as -40 degrees Celsius in winter, whereas the thermometer climbs to a sweat-inducing 50 degrees Celsius in summer. Gerbils prefer to dig deep caves and passages under the protection of a plant, where they also build nests for their offspring and pantries for food.

Suitable for age 3+

The below image illustrates how the Schleich Fern appears in a Sylvanian Families setting. Other Items in the image below are not included, but are for illustrative purposes only.

Sylvanian Families Street scene village telephone box


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