Sylvanian Families Blind Bags Baby Costume Series Full Box of 16 - 2 of each figure

Sylvanian Families Blind Bags Baby Costume Series Full Box of 16 - 2 of each figure

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Baby Costume Series 5 - The latest Blind Bag set to arrive in Australia!
A box of 16 sealed Blind Bags
You will receive exactly  2 of each figure listed below

This set contains 16 baby figures in total - 
2 x    Crème Chocolate Rabbit in mermaid costume
2 x    Henry Periwinkle Rabbit in prince costume
2 x    Angelica Marlow Tuxedo Cat in princess costume
2 x    Jenny Brightfield Goat with fairy wand
2 x    Alyssa Walnut Squirrel in pirate hat
2 x    Matthew Buckley Red Deer in wizard hat
2 x    Brianna Persian Cat in ghost costume (a teeny triplet size baby Persian cat)
2 x    Mystery baby figure and costume (hint: it's a teeny triplet size baby)

Perfect for birthday loot bags or for gifts for the little (or big) Collector

If you wish to buy just 1 set of 8, or individuals, these are available in our

Sylvanian Families Blind Bag Collection


These are a limited edition set - released this year only.

There are 8 different Sylvanian Families babies that come with either their cute costume or an accessory, In a full box, such as this there are 16 bags (2 of each type)
Perfect to add to your Sylvanian nursery, to add an extra baby to a family that you already have, or just as a cute collectible alone.
Note that all figures are regular Sylvanian baby size, with the exception of #4 the Persian baby and the Mystery figure which are both small, triplet size baby figures.
Other blind bag series are available too in our 

Sylvanian Families Blind Bag Collection

Being Blind Bags, usually these items are sealed and a mystery. You buy one, but don't know which one you'll end up with. If you wish to do this we have Sylvanian Families Mystery Blind Bags available too.

Condition: Brand new

Packaging: 16 sealed blind bags in Blind Bag Carton Box

Age 3+