Sylvanian FAmilies border collie twins

Sylvanian Families Border Collie Twins

Calico Critters USA

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Sylvanian Families Border Collie Family are now retired, but we are glad to offer USA Calico Critter's version of these cute Collie Twins

Calico Critters Border Collie twins

Cameron likes playing with his sister in the Baby Discovery Forest. He loves the rides, especially the baby see saw and carousel! Carly loves crawling around the house and following her mother around. She also likes being in the garden where she can see all the pretty flowers, birds and butterflies.

The Calico Critters Border Collie Family are also available in limited stock

USA release

Sylvanian Families is marketed under the Brand Name of "Calico Critters" in USA and Canada.

Suitable for Age 3+