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Calico Critters Chocolate Labrador Family Set

Life on the farm can often be challenging, but when you have the support of your family, each day's chores seem a little more manageable. The Calico Critters Chocolate Labrador Family Set consists of Father Bruno, Mother Sienna, Brother Charlie and Sister Ruby, who all contribute in their own way. Bruno and Charlie work the fields and tend to the growing crops, toiling long hours in hopes of a plentiful yield. Once the ripened fruits have been picked and gathered, Mother gets to work making yummy preserves and jams. Ruby has learned that when everyone lends a hand, there's more time for sleepovers and hanging out with friends!

Product Highlights

  • As a hardworking farmer and patriarch of the family, Bruno cultivates plenty of delicious crops, with help from his son, Charlie
  • Making mouthwatering jams from harvested fruit is Mother Sienna's specialty, and she sells her culinary creations in the Supermarket for all of her neighbors to enjoy
  • Ruby loves spending time with her friends and having fun sleepovers

What's Included

  • Father Bruno
  • Mother Sienna
  • Sister Ruby
  • Brother Charlie

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    This is a Calico Critters USA product and comes in Calico Critters packaging

    Sylvanian Families are distributed under the brand name of Calico Critters in the USA and Canada.

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    Suitable for age 3+