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Sylvanian Families Elephant Family

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The Calico Critters Elephant Family

Back in store. Please read full description of this delightful best-selling family below:

The Sylvanian Families Elephant Family are now retired, but we are glad that we can continue to offer USA's version, the Calico Critters Ellwood Elephants, who are identical to their Sylvanian Families counterparts, but have different names!

Let me introduce you to these Elephants!

Meet the Calico Critters Ellwoods Elephant Family. Mother Ella is a best-selling book author who writes books inspired by her loving children. Father Edwin is a doctor. He specializes in children's medicine and loves to read, especially with his two children. Brother Elliot is a star athlete who loves to play football and soccer. Sister Eliza enjoys competing in beauty pageants and dreams of becoming a famous super model.

    What's Included

    • Mother Ella elephant figure
    • Father Edwin elephant figure
    • Brother Elliot elephant figure
    • Sister Eliza elephant figure

    The Ellwood Elephant Twins, with their cheeky grins, are saying "Don't leave us behind! We want to come too!"

    This is a Calico Critters USA product and comes in Calico Critters packaging.


    When this brand new items is first opened, you may notice some members of this Elephant family's fur may have a very small slightly darker circle on the centre back of their head. This is where their head has been pressed against the backing cardboard of the box, as they arrive from the manufacturer tightly sealed against the back of the box by elastic bindings. By gently brushing the flocking very lightly in the other direction with your finger, the flocking should return to it's one tone of grey all over. This is not considered to be a defect, it is simply how all of our Elephant figures arrive, due to the manufacturer's packaging and the light grey colour of their flocking, which can take on a darker tone when it has been pressed flat. This doesn't occur in the case of Baby and Twin Elephant figures however, due to their different method of packaging, as these are not bound against cardboard, but are sitting in light plastic box inserts.

    Sylvanian Families Elephants brand new possibility of slight flattened impression of flocking on back of figure's head

    Sylvanian Families are distributed under the brand name of Calico Critters in the USA and Canada.

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    Suitable for age 3+