Sylvanian Families Christmas tree and baby santa costume

Christmas Tree and Baby costume - handmade

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Sylvanian Christmas is coming! Here we have a beautifully handmade Sylvanian Christmas tree and costume to fit a Sylvanian baby figure!

This amazing Tree and baby costume has been lovingly and specially hand-crocheted to suit Sylvanian Families. The tree will look perfect in any Sylvanian home and the costume is designed to fit a Sylvanian baby figure. Baby milk rabbit is proudly standing in as our baby Santa model today. I wonder who will wear it in your Sylvania?

No figure is included, but in this beautifully, hand-created Christmas set you will receive:

1 x  crochet Christmas Tree

1 x Santa hat

1 x crochet baby Christmas costume.

(All items crocheted by hand)

This Santa suit has been lovingly designed to fit one regular sized Sylvanian baby figure.

We also have Santa suits for the whole family available by our talented Sylvanian handcrafter, JiSin. 

See her other Sylvanian inspired Christmas outfits here, including her amazing knitted Christmas tree - just perfect for any Sylvanian Christmas!

Suitable for age 3+

Figures are not included, but are only used to show how this handmade outfit will look, but figures may be purchased separately.

Limited stocks are available in each item.

Christmas in Sylvania