Sylvanian Families Tram

Sylvanian Families Tram

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Famlies Ride Along Tram

This gorgeous new tram is from the Sylvanian Families Town Series.

Time for the Sylvanians to travel around town in style with this urban update on transport!

Stylish, colourful and loads of fun, the seating in this vehicle are moveable. If you feel like it the seat can be placed up top, for the best views around.

The Ride Along Tram takes everyone to nice places around town. This elegant tram is red and gold with beautiful engravings. The wheels and the doors really work. The seats are detachable, so you can enjoy various seat arrangements. The cab and the ticket machine can be set on either side of the tram. Flip over the cab to use it as a ticket counter. A tram stop and driver's hat are also included. The Maple Cat father is the driver (sold separately). Put the awnings and fence of the Creamy Gelato Shop on the tram to turn it into a gelato shop. The fence of the Grand Department Store can also be attached (all sold separately).

What's included in this set (please note: Figures are not included)

1 beautiful red tram

A tram stop sign.

2 moveable double tram seats

A cap for the driver

A moveable driver's dashboard

A ticket machine

Various tickets and tour guide pamphlets

SF 6007 - Town Series

No figures included.

Suitable for age 3+

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