Sylvanian Families Bear Twins

Sylvanian Families Bear Twins

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Bear Twins - SF 5086

These cute little bear twins belong to the Sylvanian Families Petite Bear Family, but this can be a little confusing. They are also known as the Cuddle Bear Family in the USA Calico Critters range (which is identical, only sold under a different brand name in USA)

Sometimes they have been known as the Osborne Bear Family also or even on occasions the Porridge Bear family. So you can choose which name you prefer best for this family.

We also stock the full Sylvanian Families Bear Family of 4 and the Sylvanian Families Bear baby with crib, belonging to this same set (as stock is available in our store)


Suitable for age 3+