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Collecta Fence with Gate - CO89471 - You'll love this gorgeous, white country-style fence.

What Sylvanian Families play scene is complete without a fence? Here is a gorgeous fence which is just the right size for your scene. This Collecta branded fence is a beautifully detailed replica of a corral fence and has two gate panels that open and shuts.

Perfect for a garden enclosure, a paddock scene, or a smart front yard fence. Maybe even your Sylvanian school could do with a fence? 


Each fence panel is 13.5cm long x 6cm tall, approx.
Each gate panel is 6.5cm long x 6cm tall, approx. 
Total length of fence & gate is approx. 152cm. 
With over 1.5 metres of fencing there is a lot you can do with this fence in a small world scene. Imagine away!
Colour: White

Suitable for age 3+

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