Sylvanian Families Mini Series - Kabaya Sets and Capsule sets

Sylvanian Families Mini sets 

Kabaya Sets (containing miniature versions of Sylvanian Families Figures and Buildings)
Capsule sets (containing Sylvanian Families sized food items)

These small capsules contain Sylvanian Families miniature rooms, figures and furniture or some contain patisserie items and accessories, which are the ideal size to add to any Sylvanian Families bakery

Capsules measure between 3cm to 6cm in diameter, depending on which set is included.

Kabaya sets usually come in 4 parts, each box sold individually. Individual sets are placed together to complete the full scene. Collect all 4 of each set to make the full scene. We have several full sets of all 4 components in store.

These are an official licensed Sylvanian Families product that are released by Sylvanian Families Epoch exclusively in Japan. 


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