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Schleich Fern Plant Accessories

Planning a Sylvanian Scene! We're offering a bundle of 4 of these fabulous Schleich brand ferns for $19.90! Set your scene with style!

These Schleich brand Fern plants are the perfect addition to your Sylvanian Families scene, adding some stylish greenery to your set up.

Turn your Sylvanian conservatory into a lush fernery. Maybe you need to add to your Sylvanian garden, or landscape your scene. Here is the answer! - A Schleich Fern plant.

See photographs which illustrate the use of this Schleich product alongside Sylvanian Families figures and homes.

Figures and homes are for illustrative purposes only.

Includes in this pack is 1 Fern plant. Fern comes in with detachable fronds and a base. 3 separate fronds. Illustrations show the fern with all 3 fronds assembled and in place.

This bundle includes 4 Schleich ferns . Fern from base to tip measures approximately 8cm

Just need one? Individual Schleich Ferns can be purchased here.

Schleich products are made in Germany and are a high quality toy.

Suitable for age 3+