Sylvanian Families cushion Freya and Friends

Sylvanian Families Cushion - Limited Edition

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Cushion - Limited Edition - Brand new!

The perfect pillow to cuddle up to - with your favourite Sylvanian characters in a pastoral scene.Freya wearing a flower head band surrounded by her best friends.

Brand new Sylvanian Families cute cushion - with inner included.

Packaging note:

Please note when the cushion arrives, it is sealed and flattened in the manufacturer's Vacuum sealed storage. Once the plastic vacuum bag is removed you pillow will soon fill out with air.

Measurements of cushion: 37cm x 39 cm

Conditon: Brand New 

Limited edition item. Very collectible.

Only 1 picture style available.

Suitable for age 3+

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