Sylvanian Families JP Fan Club Chiffon Dog dresser exclusive

Sylvanian Families Dresser Box and Chiffon - JP Fan Club item

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Premium Club JP limited edition Dresser Box

JP Collector's Club exclusive set. This set was the 2008 Japanese Fan Club exclusive item and came with a Chiffon Dog figure.  This item is brand new and sealed. I have added photos from the internet of someone's dresser box that is opened for the purpose of showing how it can be used (however this one remains sealed)

Some history:

*The Doughty Dog family was originally released in Japan in 2008. Older sister Doughty Chiffon Dog was the Japanese Collectors Club figure for 2008 and could only be obtained if you held a membership to the club at that time. Later that year the Chiffon Dog Family was released around the world. This outfit is exclusive to this JP Collector's club dresser set.

The dresser made of thick cardboard. 3 drawers.

This set includes: 1 x dresser box and 1 x Chiffon dog exclusively dressed figure

Condition: Brand new and in excellent condition.

Highly collectible and rare to find new.


Age 4+

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