Sylvanian Families Swing set

Sylvanian Families Japanese range

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Sylvanian Families Swing set  -  Let the children play! With a swing like this is your backyard, you would have all the Sylvanian kids in the neighbourhood coming over every day!

This cute swing set comes with play time accessories, such as buckets and spade, watering can, a tiny rake and a ride on swan cart. Too much fun? It is Sylvanian, after all.

A great accessory to match with the Double Seesaw set

Unfortunately no baby figures come included with this set, but you're welcome to visit our amazing Sylvanian Families Baby Boutique, where all the Sylvanian babies, twin and triplets you can imagine will be found

This product is from the Japanese Sylvanian Families range and comes in Epoch Japanese packaging.

Suitable for age 3+