Sylvanian Families Day Trip Accessory Set - SF 5192

Sylvanian Families Day Trip Accessory Set

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Day Trip Accessory Set - SF 5192

So many gorgeous little accessories to add to your Sylvanian fun!

Prepare your Sylvanians for their excursion with the Day Trip Accessory Set! Includes a backpack to keep their bits ‘n’ bobs safe, a straw hat to keep the sun off their ears and of course, a camera to take snaps of the scenery! From a matching strawberry earband and purse, to pretty bunny ear-shaped headbands, this set has all the essentials for Sylvanian girlies out on a day trip at Adventure Island! There's even a teenie tiny whale clutch, and a watch to make sure they make it back home on time; what more could they need for their summertime adventures?

The highlight of this set for me is the little black camera with a neck strap! I'd buy this set just for this miniature camera alone!

Contents of this set.

2 hats

1 bag

1 rucksack

2 head bands

1 earring (like a headband for a rabbit's ear)

2 wristwatches

2 cameras

1 pouch.

No Figures Included. We have many different figures available in our
Sylvanian Families Family Collection
(from the current range as well as specially imported Families that aren't available in Australia.

Age 3+

Epoch SF 5192


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