Sylvanian Families Maces Mouse Twins

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Mace's Mouse Twins - SF 4157 - now a discontinued family, but we have several of the twins in stock still.

These adorable twin mice are from the retired Maces Mouse family, with their cute brown and pink tipped ears. These twins would be either the 2003 or 2005 released set.

Spencer Maces is always kept busy as the manager of the ground floor at the Applewood Department store.   There are always shelves to fill and customers to keep happy. Harvey Maces is manageress of the Pippin's Café on the top floor of the Applewood Department store. She is just as busy as her husband Spencer, but not as flustered. Mark Maces loves his job as delivery boy for the Applewood Department Store because it gets him out and about.   He always has time for a chat and a gossip with customers. Nichole Maces works as a shop assistant with her parents. Her favourite job is serving ice creams because she has to taste them all just to make sure they are fresh!   Maces Mouse Twins Babies John and Louise Maces love to play 'house' together in the large cardboard boxes in the store room. Their father, Spencer, only has to cut some windows and a door at the side and they are happy for hours!

Discontinued family.

Flair UK 2003 or 2005 - SF 4157

Suitable for age 3+