Sylvanian Families Father Cooker Set Mulberry Racoon Rare

Sylvanian Families Chef Raccoon Set - SUPER RARE - JP

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Sylvanian Families Chef Mulberry Raccoon Set - SUPER RARE - JP - SF (B-4)

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Here is a brand new vintage set, seldom seen or even heard of. The Father Cooker Set (assortment B) or also known as the Sylvanian Families Father Mulberry Raccoon Chef set!  It even comes with a Dad Mulberry Racoon (who belongs to the same family as the Mulberry Racoon Motorcycle riding Grandparents, George and Mildred!)

A highlight for me of this set (apart from the lovely Father Mulberry Racoon chef, is the black vintage oven. 

Contents of this brand new set:

1 x Mulberry Racoon Chef figure (small rust spot on one arm)

1 x Black oven

1 x cooking pot

1 x kettle

1 x smaller pot

Rolling pin, board, mitts and ladle 

2 x cooking trays with bread and biscuits which fit in the oven. 

A rare set! This is the first time I have come across this set. I wish I could add further information about the set, but there is very little further information available on the internet. The rest of the Mulberry Racoon family were released in the UK in 2003, so on that assumption I would think that this particular Japanese set would have been released around this time, likely a Japanese exclusive set. Box packaging is Sylvanian Families Epoch Japanese.

Things to note:

This is a brand new set, however on inspection I have noticed some points to note, due to the item's age.  A small rust spot on Father Racoon's arm. Also his chefs hat has some fraying inside. His apron is faintly age-discoloured. 

Condition: Brand new 

Box: Some age and sticker wear on the outside of the box as seen in images. The box is not perfect but is in reasonable condition. This has been opened to inspect that contents are indeed new and sealed. I have added various angles of the box with codes, etc in images, so that you can research this further, if interested.

This is a Japanese exclusive released item and comes in Japanese Sylvanian Famlies Epoch packaging. 

Age 3+ due to small parts 

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