Christmas Candy Cane Mugs

Christmas Cupcake Mugs x 4


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Christmas Cupcake Mugs x 4 

These lovely mugs of Christmas cheer will certainly add festivity to your miniature Christmas world.

Handcrafted with great detail, these are beautifully made. 

Items are fixed - the Candy Cane cannot be removed.

Please note this is a miniature, not a toy. Supervision is recommended around little ones. Handle with care. This is similar to a ceramic item.

You will receive 4 x identical Cupcake Mugs x 4

Sylvanian Families figure or Elf figure in images is not included, but is to help demonstrate size in comparison to figures.

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Other items, figures and accessories seen in pictures are not included, but are to demonstrate the use and size of this is a Sylvanian Families scene. We do have many other Sylvanian Families items and miniature accessories in store which you may like to see...

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