Basketball Hoop and Ball - Japanese vintage - Takara Brand

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Basketball Hoop and ball - vintage Takara brand from 1980s

A great miniature accessory to add to a sports scene, a boy's room or the garage. 

This is a 1:12 scale item. The diameter of the ball is approximately 2 cm.

This is Takara product. Takara were another brand making small, flocked animals, similar to Sylvanian Families in the 1980's selling them under the unsual toy brand of "3-2 classmate are very friendly each other"  If you google this brand, you'll see vintage items belonging to this era. These are very rare now. 
As you'll see by the picture on the box the Takara figures were quite similar to Sylvanian Families and a similar size. So this basketball hoop will work well as an accessory for Sylvanians too. 
This set consists of 1 x basketball hoop and 1 x ball. No figures included
Condition: Pre-owened excellent condition. Comes with original box which is in excellent condition. 

Age 3+

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