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Breads - assorted pieces - Miniature - Select your own


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Various breads, buns, pretzels and rolls. - Select a pair of bread items from teh drop down box.

Perfect for the bakery, here is a fabulous selection of bread - in fact, there are so many kinds of breads that it's hard to choose. So we've divided them up into pairs. You can select which bread set you would like. Most sets come with 2 items, some with 3.

Wooden bread trays are not included, but you are welcome to choose a bread tray from the drop down selection box also!

Choose enough to fill up your bakery!  From square loaves to round breads, a baguette, pretzel and buns, there are so many kinds of bread available. These are handcrafted and individually painted, so there may be very slight variations from the photograph in colour and texture.

Please note this is a miniature, not a toy

What's included in this sale? Breads are sold in sets of 2 or 3. You will receive the number bread items that you choose from the drop down box at the right. Wooden bakery trays are sold separately. These can also be ordered via the drop down box.

Please note that this item is not designed to be a toy, but is ideal for a collector to add to a Christmas scene. These items are made of polymer clay, which is similar in consistency to ceramic. Obviously this item is not edible (though it looks like it is, such is the quality of work!)

Other items, figures and accessories seen in pictures are not included, but are to demonstrate the use and size of this item in a Sylvanian Families scene. We do have many other Sylvanian Families items and miniature accessories in store which you may like to see... We have a real Christmas miniature feast of items in store!
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