Miniature dollsouse Breakfast tray platter with toast and jam

Breakfast Tray miniature


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Sylvanian FAmilies enjoying a breakfast tray on beach

Intricately made, these little polymer clay, handmade Trays with Breakfast items are simply gorgeous!  

Made of polymer clay, this is a beautifully detailed Breakfast treat set. All pieces are fixed, so there is no danger of losing any little pieces. 

Please note this is not designed to be a toy. It would be ideal to add to a Sylvanian Families diorama or scene.

Not suitable for young children. While this is a sturdily made clay item, it may break if dropped.

As this item is hand made, each item is unique and there may be very slight differences from the photograph image, but will still retain it's high quality and uniqueness.


1 x  wooden Tray with fixed breakfast items 

The fixed items include:

1 x Jar of Jam

3 pieces of toast on a white plate

Cup with tea and lemon

1 piece of toast with jam on a plate

Measurements of the Breakfast Tray and items:

Round wooden tray - 4cm across

Jam Jar - approx 1.5cm high

Piece of toast - 1cm 

Cup - 1cm approx across.

All items are fixed to the board.

Colour may vary in photographs shown from actual colours, due to photography lighting, therefore several pictures in various lights have been added to images.

Other Sylvanian Families figures and accessory items shown in images are not included, but are to demonstrate how this miniature item looks alongside Sylvanian Families. 

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