Broom - Handcrafted

Broom - Handcrafted

Elf Accessories

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Elves are known for a being a bit magical, aren't they. Well, now we have some magic accessories in store especially for Christmas Elves

The Elf broom - this amazing little hand-crafted broom will create some fun scenes. There's lots of detail in this broom and it has been specially crafted to give it the appearance of being old and gnarly.

For more magical elf fun see our Elf wands, Elf witch hats and cauldrons in our 

Elf in images is not included, sorry. He's well-loved in this household :)

This sale consists of 1 x handcrafted broom 

Broom measures approximately 24cm. 

Tip: In photographs I have used clear fishing twine to hang the elf and broomstick to give the appearance of flying. 

Recommended Age 3+

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