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Cake Miniature - Roses and Scrolls


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What a sweet cake treat for the Sylvanians - Roses and Scrolls 

Sylvanians just love a cake for a treat and here is one just for them!

This polymer clay, handcrafted miniature decorated cake is just perfect to be set alongside your Sylvanian Families for a special treat. Though we do encourage your Sylvanians to develop healthy and nutritional eating habits, a beautifully decorated cake once in a while for a special treat is just fine!

Made of polymer clay. Measures approximately 2 cm x 2.5 cm. 

Each item is uniquely handmade, so there may be very minor variations from the photograph shown, but each item is assuredly of the highest quality.


1 x  decorated cake on paper plate base.

Please note that Sylvanian Families images and items shown in the description are not included, but are to demonstrate how this miniature item compares for size alongside Sylvanian Families.

This is not a intended to be a toy. This item is ideal to be used in Sylvanian Families scenes or dioramas.

Not Suitable for young children. 

Ref: Miniature Cake - Roses and Scrolls

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