Sylvanian Families Ceramic Bathtub - 1980s Rare

Sylvanian Families Ceramic Bathtub - 1980s Rare

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Original 1980s Tomy release Sylvanian Families Bath and Shower Set.

This lovely old ceramic bath and shower set comes in it's original box and although the cellotape on the box is unsealed, the item is still brand new in it's original packaging.

This is a collectible piece from Sylvanian Families history.

Contents of set include.

  • ceramic bath 
  • the bath has two fittings one is a shower and the other is a tap as seen in photos
  • comes with bath tray for holding all bathroom soaps etc
  • Back brush
  • Towel 
    • Sponge


1985 Epoch co. Ltd

Manufactured by: Tomy UK Ltd.

This is a stunning set rare to find in this condition it is boxed and has a token that used to be collected on the box amazing set from the up market range!

Tomy UK Ref 3187 -  released in 1985

Rare - Collectible.

Suitable for age 3+