Christmas Baking Day Stand

Christmas Baking Day Stand


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Christmas Baking Day Stand - One of a kind, handcrafted set!

Please note that this set does not include any Sylvanian figures

Here is a locally hand-crafted Christmas Baking scene for you. It comes with a gorgeous little gingham topped baking stand, a board full of baking supplies and some of the finished products, Christmas buns and Gingerbread! The wooden baking bench is handmade and decorated.

You will receive all of the below items in this set


1 x Baking bench/stand

1 x wooden board with items for baking: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, clingfilm, a bowl, milk. These items are fixed on the tray and are not intended to be removed.

1 x ceramic plate with 3 cream buns (items are able to be removed)

1 x wooden box with 3 Gingerbread figures (items are able to be removed)

Please note that no Sylvanian figure is included in this set. Santa Claus bear only appears in the picture to give an idea of size in comparison to a Sylvanian Families figure. But we have plenty of suitable figures available in store and you could easilly create your own Santa by adding one of the  Santa costumes accessories found in our Christmas Collection which will suit any adult Sylvanian Families

This custom made set does not include any Sylvanian figures, but figures can be purchased separately from our Sylvanian Families collection in store




Please note that these items are Dollshouse miniature items, made for Collector's  - Recommended for age 14+  Not suitable for small children due to small parts. 

We have much much more in our Christmas collection and also many other miniatures of all kinds in our store 

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