Christmas Cake Miniature


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Christmas Cake -  Miniature

Get ready for the best Sylvanian Families Christmas ever! One of your Sylvanians has been busy preparing the Christmas cake.... and here it is. 

This polymer clay cake is beautifully made and will look a real treat on your Sylvanians festive table this year. 

Please note this item is not intended to be a toy for young children.  This item has a similar consistancy to a ceramic item and is more suitable as an addition to a Sylvanian Families Christmas diorama. 

1 x Christmas Cake. 

Approximate measurements:  Diameter 2.5cm. Height 1cm.

Other items and figures shown in images are not included, but are to illustrative how well this item works for sizing in comparison to Sylvanian Families figures.

Not suitable for small children. Not edible. This miniature item has a similar consistency to ceramic. 

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