Christmas hats - set of 3

Christmas hats - set of 3


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3 x Christmas hats to fit Sylvanian Families

When it's the season to be jolly one must absolutely have the right kind of hat! A red and white Christmas Santa hat, of course. These lovely miniature hats are just the right fit for most Sylvanians.

They should be suitable for Rabbit Sylvanians (pop it over one ear) or most adult figures (with the exclusion of figures that have a larger head than others, such as elephants or vintage bears etc)  This also fits most Sylvanian brothers and sisters, however is a little too big for most baby figures. 

This includes: 3 x Christmas hats.

(Figures are not included, but are in images to demonstrate size and fit for a Sylvanian figure)

Note that all of these have the tip of hat bent and sewn down. This is the style of the hat and is intended to be worn with the pompom bent over.

Age 3+

This is not a dollshouse miniature item.

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