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Coconut Palms


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Collect brand Coconut Palms - CO89663

Imagine your Sylvanians relaxing under the shade of coconut palms on their own tropical isle, a gentle breeze blowing the palm fronds. Sylvania is supposed to be idyllic, right? Well, now you can add the perfect seaside touch with a Collecta branded Coconut Palm tree set.

Here we have 3 Collecta palm trees in a row affixed to one base. This would look ideal beside your Seaside Restaurant or become just the right spot for your Sylvanian Seaside Cruiser boat to tie up and dock beside. Create your own Sylvanian coast line with these fabulous scenic additions.


30cm x 24cm

The tallest coconut tree measures 24cm height approximately. The smallest coconut tree measures 13cm height approximately.

The total width across from edge to edge of the scene is approximately 30cm.

The tree trunks are all affixed to the one base (the trees cannot be separated)

Colour: quite a vivid medium shade of green. Some of the images show this as a darker green, however the colour is closer to the brighter shade of green shown in images.

And some more information:

  • All CollectA products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.
  • Working with experts from across the globe, Collecta hand-painted figurines are all factually accurate and paleontologist-approved, so little ones really get to learn while they play.
  • Something for your prehistoric animal models to munch on, Coconut Palm Trees by Collecta. Great scenery for prehistoric scenes.


Our personal review of the Collecta Coconut Palms set:

This is my daughters personal favourite tree of all the Collecta trees. "I need more than one lot of Coconut Palms" she informs me. In fact she wants a whole row of them on her seashore!  They do look fabulous and attention to detail is great, even the little cluster of green dates under the palm fronds. The palm leaves are smaller and lighter than the Cycad tree fronds, and there are lots of leaves in this tree set, so it soon fills up your landscape with leafy greenery. The palm fronds in this set are a more vivid green (probably true to life colour for palm trees) than the dark green of the Cycad, so they are quite different in colour. They're very easy to assemble. Just clip the 3 tree tops into the trunks which are permanently attached to the base. 

Overall review: A lovely looking, leafy set and would look great in any Sylvanian beach scene or in a garden. I like the layered look of this set due to the 3 different sizes of coconut tree in this set as depending on which way you stand the trees it  can add a great deal of depth to the scenery.

Recommended for age 3+


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