Sylvanian Families bundle deal of Collecta trees for Syvlanian garden scene

Collecta Trees x 3 - Bundle deal


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Collecta Trees x 3 - Gingko Biloba (2), Coconut Palms (1)

Does your Sylvania need greenery? Sylvania means "Woodland" and it always brings to mind an idyllic village surrounded by forest. That's why we've introduced a stunning line of Collecta brand trees to our Sylvanian Specialty Store. These are a Collecta brand product, but work very well alongside Sylvanian Families branded items.

This bundle includes:

2 x Gingko Biloba Collecta branded trees

1 x Coconut Palm Collecta branded tree

You can purchase trees individually, however we currently have a bundle deal. Buy 3 and save $17.70! Instead of paying the usual price of $98.70 for 3 trees, our current special price is $81.

These are high quality trees, made of durable vinyl and are simply gorgeous. 

The Gingko Biloba has a true woodland look to it, perfect for Sylvania and the Coconut palms are stunning too! Beach scene, tropical party... there are so many imaginative scenes to be set.

I've added in pictures below of some of my own scene set ups.

The Collect Coconut Palm as a background for a Sylvanian Families Beach Party

Sylvanian Families Figures Beach party tropical Coconut palm tree Collecta

The image below features the Collecta Gingko Biloba Tree

(Grandpa Golfer is not for sale, unfortunately)

The Log Fence is seen in the background. This is available, as well as other suitable sized fences for Sylvanian scenery

Sylvanian Families Grandpa Golfer and Collecta tree 

And here is an example of the Coconut Palms (left) and Gingko Biloba Tree (right) in a scene together.

Sylvanian Families Meerkat and Dappledawn Rabbit amongst the trees playing Golf

The white fence in the below garden scene is also available in store.

Sylvanian Families Cow and Evergreen bear playing ball on front lawn  Trees


Sylvanian Families Figures and accessories seen in photographs are not included in this bundle, however you can purchase items individually in our Sylvanian Specialty Store. We have an amazing array of Sylvanian items, vintage and modern!


Please note that these bundle packages will come in their original seal plastic packaging (as pictured in an example image) but the original box (due to bulkiness) will not be included. All items will be in their original factory sealed bags and bubble wrapped.

Suitable for age 3+

Colour of trees

The actual colour of the trees may differ slightly from the  images shown, particularly photographed scenes, due to lighting used and effect filters to create sunset lighting etc in editing. 

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