Easter eggs x 8 dollhouse miniature blue white

Coloured Easter Eggs x 8 - Blue

Handmade Miniature

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Coloured Easter Eggs x 8 in bag - Miniature 1:12 scale handmade item - Multi-coloured in a blue theme


Add some Easter colour and fun to your miniature Easter scene with this little bag of 8 x colourful eggs. How about a village Treasure hunt? Or hide the eggs in the woodland forest? I'm sure you can find some creative ways to place these! 

The eggs can be removed from the bag and placed how your choose. 

Each egg is unique in it's style and colours as these are handmade individually from polymer clay, then baked in the oven until they reach a ceramic type consistency. The eggs are made here at Sylvanian Families Specialty Store, in regional Queensland. 

In this purchase you will receive 8 x multi-coloured miniature eggs as seen in  images.

Measurements: . Eggs measure approximately half a centimetre in length each. There may be some slight variation in measurement, due to being handmade. 

No figures or other accessories are included, but we do have plenty of Sylvanian Families figures available in store for separate purchase. Other items seen in images are only to help display and demonstrate this item in a Sylvanian Families setting. 

This is designed to be a display item only for collectors of miniatures and is not intended to be a play item. Not suitable for children. 

Non edible.  

VISIT our in store EASTER COLLECTION in miniature. More items are being updated as they arrive.

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Other items, figures and accessories seen in pictures are not included, but are to demonstrate the use and size of this is a Sylvanian Families scene. We do have many other Sylvanian Families items and miniature accessories in store which you may like to see...

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