Sylvanian FAmilies Grey thistlethorn mouse

Sylvanian Families Thistlethorn Mouse brother figure

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Thistlethorn Mouse Brother figure - 1987

This beautiful little vintage gray mouse brother figure is one of the earliest Sylvanian Families figures from approximately 30 years ago.  Released around 1987, this figure is in excellent condition.

One interesting thing to note is that a sign of the earliest Grey Thistlethorn mouse 1987 release, is that there tails are not flocked. As seen in images there tail is like a bare plastic. Only in the Thistlethorn Mouse Family realease of 2002 did the family come out with flocked tails. This figure is the non-flocked tail version.


This figure is in great vintage condition and the perfect addition to any vintage collection.

Condition: Excellent pre-owned condition. The original box is included, however does bear quite obvious signs of age and wear. See images which show this. 


Vintage and now quite hard to find as a full set in good condition.