Sylvanian FAmilies Hook a Duck STall

Sylvanian Families Hook A Duck Stall - RARE

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Families Hook A Duck Stall - SF 4496

The adorable Sylvanian town fair side show - The Hook A Duck Game that every child in the village saves up their pocket money for each year.

The 'Hook a Duck' Stall at the Village Show is a great favourite with adults and children alike. The poles have loops on the end to help catch a duck as a prize. Turn the knob on the top of the stand to make the ducks move round the stall.

Figures are not included - but it does include 8 of the cutest little sideshow duck figures!

Released 2008. UK - SF 4496

Collectible - Hard to Find, especially brand new.

Condition: Brand New

Box: Please note that the box does show some signs of storage wear and the outer box carton edges are bent a little in places. See image as part of the description. This has been opened to inspect, as we often do with older vintage items. 

Suitable for age 3+

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