Sylvanian Families Primose Baby Windmill Bathroom Extension - Rare

Sylvanian Families Primose Baby Windmill Bathroom Extension

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Families Primrose Baby Windmill Bathroom Extension. UK Limited edition.

An extra floor to add another level to your Primrose Baby Windmill. Or if you don't already own a Primrose Baby Windmill, this circular nursery room could certainly be used as a room in it's own right.

This set consists of one extension for to add to your existing Primrose Baby Windmill (the image of the full Primrose Baby Windmill with extensions added is only for illustrative purposes to show how this can be set up) Epoch released two additional floors that could be added. This product is the bathroom extension section.

As you will see by images on the box, all furniture accessories in this set come in baby size. A Baby bathroom cabinet, shower cubicle, leaf shaped soap dish, basket and towel, flower shaped bathmat, toilet.

This is an extra floor to add to The Primrose Baby Windmill or could be used as a circular room alone. 

Condition: Brand New

Box: Original Box is in good condition, however there is some storage wear to the box packaging: a coule of small dents on the box due to storage wear. Also there is a mark along one edge of the box where tape seems to have been removed. The box has been opened to check contents and to assure that this item is brand new.

See pictures of the box added.

This product is from the Sylvanian Families Japanese range and comes in Epoch Japanese Sylvanian Families packaging. 

Suitable for age 3+

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