Sylvanian Chantilly Families Cat Baby in Moses Basket - RARE

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Chantilly Families Cat Baby in Moses Basket - Carry Case 

Brand New - Hard to find.

Another cute Carry case set, this time the Chantilly Cat Baby girl in a moses basket.

The Chantilly Cats are another of those Sylvanian Family's who have never been released as a full family set, but rather in sets as individual family members with their own accessories

This particular Carry case set with the Chantilly girl baby is hard to find and comes in it's original carry case. 

This carry case comes has a handle and is resealable, ideal for carrying around. (see images)

1 x carry case 

1 x baby Chantilly cat figure

1 x sleeping basket

1 x bottle

Flair UK - 2005 release. In 2005 this new style of carry case was released by Flair UK

Suitable for age 3+

Condition: Brand New sealed item.

Box: Comes in a clear plastic carrycase with a handle, which can be opened and closed for storing the figure.