Sylvanian FAmilies Postman Professional Series Super Rare JP

Sylvanian Families Postman Set - Japanese Professional Series - SUPER RARE

Sylvanian Families

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 Sylvanian Families Postman Set - Japanese - SUPER RARE - DW-04 - Brand new in original Box.

The Japanese exclusive Professional Series released in 2006.

There were 5 different sets released in this series in 2006. Here is one of them, The Postman Set. This particular set comes with a special letter box and postbox.

Set is brand new and unused.  The box elastic bands holding the postman in are slightly loose. 

Please note (as seen in the images included) that there is a very slight mark on each side of the Postman figures head. This is due the the figure being pressed against the metal clips, that hold him in his box. 

The set includes:

A letter box

Bear postman with uniform, cap and satchel

A red post box

A parcel, stamp, stamp pad and pencil

Letters and postcards

The image below depicts all contents of this set. 

Vintage item - Rare - a real collector's piece!

It is hard to know how to place this item, whether in Brand new or Pre-owned. Most items are still fastened as originally into the packaging and stickers and packaged are unopened. The Bear figure, however, has been freed from the staple that holds his elastic bands in, so I suspect he has been removed perhaps for photographing purposes. On either side of his face there is a slight impression (obviously made from leaning against the metal staples that were used to fasten him in the box. This is not very noticeable, but I have added images that show this and it is mentioned for accuracy sake. 

Below is a picture of the full Professional series. We only have this postman set from the series available at this point in time. 

Sylvanian Families Professional Series 2006 Japan Exclusive

This set includes 1 figure. Other items and figures seen on the images on the box are not part of the set and are not included but are on the box for illustrative purposes only.

This item was released by Sylvanian Families in Japan by Epoch and comes in Epoch Sylvanian FAmilies Japanese packaging.  The majority of written information on the box is in Japanese.

 Highly Collectible and Rare

Condition: Brand new - box is in immaculate condition. Read description in red of slight mark on either side of figure's head.  Set has removed from the box for photography purposes.

Age 3+


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