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Sylvanian Families Beaver Family - Brand new - now quite hard to find

Meet the Waters Family, pack includes Father Wade, Mother Nancy, Sister Misty and Baby Bucky.

Wade Waters is a good carpenter and is always ready to refurbish a house or repair furniture whenever he is asked. He can also fix bridges but that usually takes him many days. Nancy Waters has a daily routine that includes taking a walk with Bucky along the bank of the Humming River. On sunny days she may take Bucky for a bicycle ride. Misty Waters is a sporty girl and is particularly good at swimming. She is practicing in the hope of winning the upcoming swimming competition.
Bucky Waters loves the water like his sister and always looks forward to splashing around. He also loves sesame crackers which are his favourite food 

This lovely family is now no longer in production and is quite hard to find, especially brand new, as this is. 


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Suitable from 3 yrs+


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