Sylvanian Families Chef Basil & Waitress Suzette - 1994

Sylvanian Families Chef Basil & Waitress Suzette - 1994

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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The original 1994 Sylvanian Families Chef Basil & Waitress Suzette - SF 3387 -  1994 Vintage set by Tomy.

Basil and Suzette have been packaged away for 24 years and Basil is simply dying to try out all those recipes he's been dreaming up all those years and Suzette is wishing for the chance to serve them finally to the Sylvanian villagers! Maybe your Sylvanian village will fulfil their long-awaited wish!

Exclusive to the UK, this is the original version of this cute waitress & chef set! There have been three versions in total, this first set having been released as early as 1994.

This lovely pair come Brand new in box and would be the perfect addition to any Bakery or Hotel.

Please read full description of contents below.

Basil runs the Village Bakery with the help of his best friend Suzette. They really enjoy working together and love creating new and exciting treats to surprise all their favourite customers. Suzette is the one who has all the bright, creative ideas for the new cakes, tarts and loaves of bread but it's Basil who has to find a way to create these culinary delights! His favourite question to her is "Crumbs, how am I going to make that!"

1994 UK release

Collectible. Rare to find brand new. 

This set is is beautiful brand new condition. It has been opened just to inspect contents, to add a full report about the condition of this two and half decade old Sylvanian Families item. 

Basil and Suzette figures are beautifully preserved in their original brand new condition. You will be delighted with them!  There are very very faint aging spots on Suzette's white waitress apron (this often happens with nearly 30 year old Sylvanian Families vintage white cotton clothing items, but if washed should regain their original pristine whiteness)

There is also a pink prick size pink spot (same colour as the inside of Suzette's ears and her nose) just below her ear. The colour of this would lead me to believe it is a slight defect originally on the manufacturer's part. Close up images have been added. It is barely even noticeable, but mentioned for accuracy for the serious collector! Also noted is a faint change of colour tone in the flocking on her cheeks where her whiskers may have pressed against her cheeks, due to being packaged in a box for many years. Photos included. Again, this is not particularly noticeable at all but we do love to give you the full details of vintage items.

The outer box shows very slight storage wear due to age. The cellotape that sealed the box is age-yellowed, as consistant with a vintage boxed item. Comes with original 1994 price sticker attached.

Suitable for Age 3+

Suzette Simpkins belongs to the Simpkins Cat Family. This family were never released as a complete family, but as individual figures in various sets over the years.  See also the Simpkin Cat children in the Birthday Party Set