Sylvanian Families Dropleaf Table and Sideboard vintage set Tomy

Sylvanian Families Dropleaf Table and Sideboard set - RARE - Brand New!

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Dropleaf Table and Sideboard set - RARE - SF 3401


This is a rare set from 1985! The gorgeous Sylvanian Families Tomy Dropleaf Table and Sideboard Set for some 1980's nostalgic Sylvanian elegance!

The Dropleaf table works too - you can drop the table ends when the Sylvanian family are on their own at home for dinner, or you can set the table "leaves" up to extend your table length when there are visitors for tea!  

And note the gorgeous sideboard cabinet, with a door to stow your wine bottles in and another for the accessories that come in this set.

The accessories too are noteworthy. What an amazing little coffee plunger, there's crockery and cutlery, food items and food boxes. Also darling little placemats and winebottles and wineglasses!

This is a real vintage collectible, a must-have for any serious Sylvanian Tomy collector!

It's very rare to see this set BRAND NEW, as is the case here. Please note, however, the box has been opened by myself to verify that is is brand new and all items are sealed as new in their original packaging. 

The box itself is also in immaculate conditiion and still bears it's original 1985 pricetag.  It wasn't cheap even back in 1985!

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Only 1 available.

Age 3+

Tomy UK 1985

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