Sylvanian Families Lights and 2 Curtains Set

Sylvanian Families Lights and 2 Curtains Set

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Home Interiors Set

Light up your Room with this gorgeous working light and decorate with curtains!

The Home Interiors Set is the best way to add the finishing touches to your Beechwood Hall. With a stylish spherical light fitting which is powered by CR2032 3V batteries which are included in the set, as well as a pair of spring floral patterned curtains and a lace blind prettified by a yellow ribbon, this is the set to put the finishing touches on your nest! Perfect if your Sylvanians have an eye for great design.

This set is suitable for use with many of the Sylvanian Families Houses and Cotttages.

Below is an extensive list of Homes and Buildings that the Home Interiors Light will fit and in brackets the number of fittings available for lights per each buildings.

Can you imagine your Grand Hotel lit up with 13 fabulous ceiling lights!!

Current Range Properties:

B7 Beechwood Hall (right hand rooms only) (2)
B100 Cosy Cottage Starter Home (1)

B97 Seaside Restaurant (1)

B72 Cedar Terrace (bottom floor only) (1)
B89 Log Cabin (bottom floor only) (1)
B66 Wedding Marquee (3)
B108 Seaside Cruiser House Boat (2)
B117 Ballet Theatre (1)
B118 Starry Point Lighthouse (1)

Retired Range Properties (no longer available to buy):
B59 Grand Hotel (13)
B78 Field View Mill (3) 
B95 Maple Manor with Carport (4)B41 Willow Hall (right hand rooms only) (2)
B51 Conservatory Extension for Willow/Beechwood Hall (1)
B37 Oakwood Manor House (7)
B49 Primrose Baby Windmill (2)
B68 Old Oak Hollow Treehouse (top and bottom floors only) (2)
B10 Copperbeech Lodge (bottom floor only) (1)
B81 Sycamore Cottage (bottom floor only) (1)
B69 Hilltop Manor (7) 
B60 Babblebrook Grange (2)
B79 Regency Hotel (13) 
B43 Wedding Chapel (1)
B14 Rainbow Nursery (bottom floor only) (1)
B36 Riverside Lodge (bottom floor only) (2)
B98 Daisy Cottage (bottom floor only) (1)
B61 Courtyard Restaurant (4)
B77 Berry Grove School (bottom floor only) (1)
B85 Highfields Farmhouse (6)
B3 Summer House (1)
B1 House on the Hill (7)

Set includes: 1 light, 1 curtain, 1 lace curtain

Figure not included.

Ages: 3+

*Comes with a light and battery 

* 1 set of floral curtains

* 1 set of lace curtains.

See images to your left which demonstrate the use of this set within a variety of Sylvanian Families buildings

Installation is too easy!

As these lights are individually battery operated, fixing them in your building is very simple. Just slot the light into the fitting in the ceiling of your building.  The on/off light switch is on the light itself.  At any time the light can be removed and placed in other buildings. A battery is included in this set.

Suitable for age 3+