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Sylvanian Families Waltzing Figures Set with Gramophone - RARE

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Families Waltzing Set with wind up Gramophone and interchangeable records - Only 1 in store!

This adorable Waltzing couple of Sylvanians is now quite hard to find. Here we have a brand new in the box set. A beautiful addition to any Sylvanian Hotel, or simply to enjoy your Sylvanians dancing the hours away so elegantly on this turntable. I love the little gramophone and records. Very collectible.

Please note: the Gramophone does not play music.

Hard to Find - Rare item

Grace & Kelly are dressed in beautiful ball room dancing clothes as they just love to dance. Attach them to the waltzing base and push across a flat surface and watch them twirl around and around. Set includes pretend gramophone, records, dance books & table, so that Grace and Kelly can dance the night away at any Sylvanian party! The figures can be taken off the dance base and others used in their place.

The figures can be removed from the waltzing base and others used in their place.

 Includes cat figure Grace Cheshire and dog figure Kelly Basset.

This set contains:

2 x Sylvanian Figures

1 x rotating Waltzing Base

1 x Gramophone

3 x Records in cases

1 x Table 1 x Table Cloth

2 x "How to Dance" magazines

Product Description The set also includes a pretend wind up gramophone, records, books with dance steps and a table. Grace & Kelly really enjoy dancing! They have a waltzing base which helps them twirl around the room when pushed. Grace has a really pretty evening dress and Kelly is in formal evening wear. The figures can be removed from the waltzing base and others used in their place.

This set was exclusive to the UK and includes Grace Cheshire & Kelly Bassett. The Bassett Dogs & Cheshire Cats have never been released as a family set, they are exclusive to various figure / accessory sets. This set includes a 'base' in which the figures stand on and ''waltz'' around!

Details about this item:

Condition: Brand new in box

Box: Yes this comes in it's original box. The box is in excellent condition

Flair UK - SF 4512 - 2007 UK only release.


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