Craft wood slices for Christmas table miniature

Wood Slices x 3 with mini Christmas tree


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Three Wood Slices with mini Christmas tree - Miniature - This is a 1:12 miniature dollhouse accessory.

These wood slices make a fabulous prop for any miniature Christmas scene. There are 3 wood slices included in this sale. They measure between 3 and 3.5 cm. Each slice is uniquely different - some may be slightly wider than others - but this gives a great, natural look. 

There is also a mini Christmas tree - 2 cm high - included with this set. 

So many ways to use these - Below is an image which shows how the wood slices can be placed on a table scene, to give height to other items on the table (this is great for miniature photography props. 

Note that other accessories are not included, but this image is demonstrating ways to use the wood slices

This sale consists of 3 x wood slices, varying slightly in size and 1 x miniature Christmas tree of 2cm height. 

Please note that this item is not designed as a toy, but is recommended as a display items for adult miniature collectors.  

These are natural wood slices.  The edge is rough and unfinished "bark" and the flat sides are smooth. 

Other items in images are not included, but are only in images for scene-setting purposes, but many of the items may be found in store also, depending on stock availability

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